Gathered here will be all the things that I think you will enjoy.  Things to learn from, reflect on, play with, explore, and with luck find useful.  These have been gathered from many different sources and I thank the folks that have sent some of them in.  Please e-mail me if you think there is something that would fit in here.
To download a copy of the 'BIG BOOK' of Alcoholics Anonymous in a windows help file format Click Here
It is a self extracting zip file that I think you will enjoy.

This is the Second Edition!
As always, more to come!
Do you have a PDA (Palm operating system)?  If so this is for you.  For a version of the first 164 pages of "Alcoholics Anonymous (The Big Book) for your pda, Click Here.
This is the First Edition!
The 12 and 12 Steps for pda.  (Palm) Removed by order of AA World Services Inc
To download a copy of the ''As Bill Sees It" in a windows help file format.  Removed by order of AA World Services Inc.
Want a screensaver using quotes from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous?  HERE it is.
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To download a copy of the "12 and 12" in a windows help file format.  Removed by order of AA World Services Inc
The 12 and 12 Forward for pda. (Palm) Removed by order of AA World Services Inc
The 12 and 12 Traditions for pda (Palm) Removed by order of AA World Services Inc
Use this program to keep track of your days clean and sober with your PDA (Palm)  Click Here
The Promises Plus for PDA (Palm) Click Here
If you have programs related to recover for Pocket PC's (Windows CE), or anything else, Please Please Please send them to me so I can include them here.  Thanks!

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I had been hearing about it a long time but didn't really believe it would happen to Serenity Found, but I just received a letter from AA World Services Inc informing me that I was in violation of their copyrights for the following items:  'The 12 and 12', 'As Bill Sees It' and 'Alcoholics Anonymous' (Big Book).  Below is the letter I received from AA World Services Inc. 
Letter from AA World Services Inc to Serenity Found about copyright violations.
I have taken down the first two as their copyrights are valid and in effect, but have left the Big Book links up as one of them is for the first 164 pages from the first edition and the other is from the second edition. 

The first edition copyright has always been in contention because of a failure to list a copyright for the first printing, but even if you accept that the copyright was valid it expired in 1967 due to a failure to renew this copyright.  The second edition had its copyright expire in 1983 for the same reason.  Could it be that those in charge of AA World Services Inc at the time felt, as most AA's do, that the literature should be given away freely as much as possible to help spread the word about the program of recovery and help as many people as possible?

Click on the below link to view an explanation of the copyrights affecting the first and second editions.  It is a PDF file.
PDF FILE     Copyright Explanation     PDF FILE
What has happened in the meantime?  It seems that AA World Services Inc has gone from an organization with a goal of helping people to one with the goal of making money, as much money as possible, with little thought the impact of this type of thinking might have on others ability to spread the word.

In their letter they state that "AAWS has a concomitant responsibility to protect these valuable AA assets (both in terms of content - i.e., preserving the integrity of the AA message - as well as otherwise.)"  If they had taken the time to check they would have seen that the words in none of these files had been changed from their original form and if they had I would have gladly and quickly either corrected the problem or removed the files.  The 'as well as otherwise' can only, it seems to me, refer to money.  What happened to the Second Tradition… "Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern."?

The following links should be viewed to see more information about this war AA World Services Inc has declared on anyone who tries to spread the word of AA in a way that might cost them a few dollars.  Serenity Found is not the first website they have gone after, and I am sure it wont be the last until and unless the members of AA make the decision, if it is not too late, to take back their fellowship from those that seek to turn it into a business rather than a group of drunks helping other drunks get sober. 
By the way, all this in no way affects my opinion of AA and the wonderful work it does in helping people, only my opinion of AA World Services INC, the business side of this wonderful program.
In AA and Its Responsibilities, at the 10th World Service Meeting, AA World Services Inc said to 'act, as we do, as though the copyright were still in force.'  Telling the membership, in so many words, to lie!  (This can be seen in the PDF file above called Copyright Explanation)  Spread the word in any way you can despite AA World Services trying to turn AA into a business!  I love AA and what AA has done for me, but this is amazing to me.