Jigsaw Puzzles
These require you to download them to play.  They are safe and compatible with pretty much all Windows versions.  I am not sure if they work on Mac's or not; if you have a Mac then try one and let me know.  Just click on each file name or thumbnail and follow promts to save or play file.  I will be adding more as soon as I can make them.  If you have any suggestions about picturess or sayings to use, please e-mail them to me.  Thanks and have fun!
Serenity Found Jigsaw Puzzle
Serenity Found Intro Jigsaw Puzzle
Serenity Prayer Jigsaw Puzzle
The Serenity Found Logo.  My first puzzle.  File size: 280 KB
The Serenity Found Intro page.  This one is pretty large but with big individual pieces.  File size: 302 KB
The Serenity Prayer  Find serenity putting this puzzle together.
File size: 284 KB
Easy Does It Jigsaw Puzzle
Easy Does It   Remember... take it easy while putting this one together.
File size: 293 KB
More to come soon!
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Crossword Puzzles
Serenity Found's first crossword puzzle.
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