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If you have worked the Steps with any fellowship Serenity Found needs your story.  The Stories were included in the Big Book because it was another opportunity for people to relate to others who had been through the same thing and found a solution.  Please take a look at our Stories page or read the stories in the back of the Big Book to get an idea of what we are looking for.  I hope you will share your experience strength and hope with others in this way.  Thanks.
This site is not endorsed by AA, NA, CA, or any other 12 Step recovery program but is guided by their principles.  Please visit the many offical websites listed on our Official Recovery Links page.
This web site is for, about and dedicated to 12 Step Recovery.  

As we grow in recovery we become more and more aware that our primary purpose is to carry the message to others still suffering from their addiction.  There are many ways to do this; 12th Step calls, service positions, sponsorship and others.  One way I am giving back is to operate this website.  I am constantly looking for other things to put on this site and that is where your input is most important.  You can help me make this site live up to it's potential, so please, sit a spell, and let me know what you think.  E-mail me with suggestions, comments, ideas or just to say hi.
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•   Daily Spiritual Quote  The quote changes daily so please come back often to discover things to think about, meditate on, or make a part of your life.  If you have ideas for things that you think belong in the Daily Quote please email them to me so I can include them in the future.
•   Readings for Online and Face to Face Meetings  These are readings I use for my online meeting, or readings I have gathered from other meetings online or face to face.
•   Official Recovery Links  Links to many Official 12 Step Recovery Websites.  If you know of others that belong here, please let me know.
•   Unoffical and Personal Recovery Links  These are website that relate to 12 Step Recovery but are not official 12 Step Recovery sites.  All links will be checked at least monthly and if not working they will be deleted.  Again, let me know if you know of a good site or would like yours included.
•   Recovery Stuff  Things to learn from, reflect on, play with, explore, and with luck find useful.        AA World Services Inc has targeted SF.  See details here!
•   Humor  In keeping with "Rule 62" here are some things I hope make you laugh.
•   Prayers  Prayers that mean a lot to me for various reasons.  Both text and flash versions. 
•   Stories  As AA discovered with the stories in the Big Book, people sometimes find the spark they need to begin their journey of recovery by reading about someone else who shares a similar story.
•   12 Step History  Keeping in touch with the history of the 12 Step Program is important.  Knowing out past helps us to gain from the experience of those who came before us.
•   The A.A. Promises (Plus)  The promises of Recovery are not just those found after Step 9.  The promises of Recovery are found all through the Big Book.
•   A.A. Contacts Across The USA  AA Central Offices, Intergroups and Answering Services for the US.
•   A.A. Preamble                      •   A.A. Steps                     •   A.A. Traditions
•   Puzzles  Just something to have fun with.  Crossword and Jig-saw puzzles.
•   Awards  View Awards this website has won.
•   Computer Tools  Not recovery related, but useful.
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If you would like to suggest something to be included on this website please email me with your suggestions.  Any constructive criticism will also be gratefully received.
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The 12 Qualities of Sponsorship!

This was written by a woman in recovery who prefers to remain anonymous.  Well worth reading and is a good agreement between a sponsor and a sponsee.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

12 Qualities of Sponsorship!
Together all things are possible!
By the grace of God, the Program of recovery found in the steps, and the Fellowship of AA
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The Steps, readings, photos designed to inspire and educate about the Program of Recovery found in the Steps.
Let me know what you think about it and suggestions for more.
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