Try the new Serenity Found 12 Step Screensaver.

This is a free screensaver that displays the 12 Steps and readings relating to them along with photos.  Get some recovery inspiration right on your computer screen.

This is the first attempt at a screensaver at Serenity Found so feedback would be appreciated and welcome.  Let us know what you think, suggestions for improvement and ideas for future screensavers.  Email us
HERE with comments and suggestions.
Download Instructions:

To Download click on the icon at left and when the window pops up either choose save (remember where you save it) or run.  The installer is called
Setup Serenity Found 12 Steps.  The installer will automatically install and set the Serenity Found 12 Steps as your default screensaver.  You can change this at any time by right clicking on your desktop, clicking on properties, choosing the Screen Saver tab and selecting the screensaver you wish to use.
To uninstall:

Go to your control panel, click on Add or Remove Programs, scroll down the list until you come to Serenity Found 12 Steps Screen Saver, then click on Remove.
Feel free to send this screensaver to anyone you wish.  There is no restriction on distribution other than the screensaver should not be altered and must remain free of any charges or commitments.  I hope you enjoy this, Serenity Found's first attempt at creating a screensaver.  We hope to provide more and improved screensavers as time goes by.
To download file click above.
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